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Driving in foggy conditions is a big challenge

With winter weather in full swing in Ohio, you never know what you'll face when you get behind the wheel. For example, you may awake one morning to find dense fog standing between you and your destination.

Driving in foggy conditions is never easy, as your visibility is impaired. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to enhance your safety:

  • Use your headlights: This helps you see the road ahead, while also making it easier for other vehicles to see you. If you have fog lights, use them as well. Also, never use high beams, as the reflection can make it more difficult to see.
  • Slow down: Since you can't see what's ahead of you, slow down to give yourself more time to react in the event of an emergency.
  • Focus, focus, focus: There's never a good time for driving distractions, and this is particularly true in heavy fog. You must focus all your attention on the road, as driving when visibility is low is a big challenge.

Don’t overlook these highway driving safety tips

Driving on the highway is not the same as driving in the city, thanks in large part to the speed at which the vehicles are moving. By taking the right approach, you can reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.

Here are four highway driving safety tips that you should keep in mind when on the road:

  • Stay in the right lane. As a general rule of thumb, use the right lane the majority of the time. The left lane should only be used to pass slower-moving vehicles.
  • Use your turn signals. It's critical for others to be able to anticipate your driving intentions, and one of the best ways of communicating is through the use of turn signals.
  • Avoid distractions. When cruising on the highway, it's easy for distractions to creep into drivers' minds. You may be tempted to pull out your cellphone, chat with passengers or eat a snack. However, all of these activities can divert your attention away from the road.
  • Don't drive drowsy. The longer you're on the highway, the greater chance there is that fatigue will set in. If you begin to lose energy, pull your vehicle to safety and recharge.

Do you need snow tires? Can they keep you safe?

If you live in or around Columbus, Ohio, you know that winter weather can bring all sorts of challenges to the local roadways. When the snow begins to fall, it's never easy to make it from point A to point B.

Fortunately, there are things you can do, such as using snow tires, to relieve some stress associated with wintertime driving.

Do you follow these tips when driving at night?

During the fall and winter months, the sun goes down early. For this reason, you're likely to find yourself on the road in the dark.

Driving at night is different from driving during the day, as you won't have nearly as much visibility. Here are some tips you can follow to remain safe:

  • Slow down: With limited visibility, you need to slow down. This gives you more time to react, such as if another car pulls out in front of yours.
  • Use your headlights: There is never a good time to drive without headlights in the dark. Furthermore, if there are no other vehicles around, you can use your high beams to increase visibility.
  • Keep your windshield clean: Doing this cuts back on glare from headlights and streetlights, making it easier for you to see the road ahead.
  • Don't drive drowsy: It's easier to become drowsy when it's dark outside, so keep a close watch on how you're feeling. If you begin to yawn, rub your eyes and daydream, it's time to pull over and take a break.

Do you want your future to begin with yellow license plates?

In Columbus, home of The Ohio State Buckeyes, the colors to wear are scarlet and gray, not scarlet and yellow. The latter is a special color combination for the license plates of a repeat DUI offender.

Will the judge order you to have “scarlet letter” plates on your car? 

What are you doing to avoid an accident with a truck?

If you spend any time on the highways of Ohio, you understand that you'll always be in close proximity to commercial trucks. You may need to take some steps to maintain your safety.

There are many things you can do to avoid an accident with a truck, including the following:

  • Share the road: Everyone is trying to reach their destination safely, and sharing the road helps ensure the safety of you and those around you.
  • Keep your distance: Don't drive too closely to a truck, such as several feet behind the vehicle.
  • Watch how you pass: Since commercial trucks are often slow moving, you may find yourself regularly passing these vehicles. When doing so, maintain a steady speed and leave enough space before changing lanes.
  • Beware of distractions: Not only should you keep distractions out of your vehicle, but watch for truckers who may not be paying attention to the road. For example, if you see a trucker texting and driving, you don't want to create as much space between your vehicles as possible.

How do you prevent these common driving distractions?

The moment you get behind the wheel of your vehicle is the moment you need to get serious about driving. Any distraction can cause an accident, so you can't afford to lose sight of the task at hand.

With so many types of driving distractions, remaining focused is easier said than done. Here are seven of the most common distractions:

  • Lost in thought: This means you're daydreaming as opposed to focusing on your responsibilities as a driver.
  • Texting: When you text, you're taking your eyes off the road and at least one hand off the steering wheel.
  • Reaching for an object: This can include anything from a child's toy under a seat to your cellphone that is stored in the center console.
  • Eating or drinking: Don't assume that eating or drinking in the car is safe, as it calls for you to remove a hand from the wheel.
  • Passengers: It's easy to get so caught up in a conversation with a passenger that you forget to pay attention to the road.
  • Adjusting vehicle controls: Maybe you want to change the radio channel. Or maybe you want to change the temperature of the inside air. Be sure to stop your vehicle before adjusting any controls.
  • Smoking: You may have been doing this while driving for many years, but don't lose sight of the fact that it's a distraction.

Fall driving safety: Change your driving style

As the fall season arrives in Columbus, Ohio, you can expect many things to change. For this reason, you need to alter your driving style to improve your safety.

Here are five fall driving safety tips that can help you avoid an accident:

  • Watch for wet leaves: If you come across these on the road, do your best to slow down in advance of driving over them. Wet leaves can be extremely slippery, thus causing you to lose control of your vehicle.
  • Watch for deer: The fall months are when deer activity really picks up. It doesn't matter where you're driving, keep your eye out for these animals.
  • Protect against sun glare: The temperature may be cooling off but that doesn't mean sun glare is any less of a problem.
  • Be prepared for morning frost: Some areas of the road may freeze during the early morning hours, such as bridges and overpasses. Take special caution when driving anywhere where ice may be present.
  • Slow down in foggy conditions: Fog is a common concern in the fall, especially during the evening and early morning hours. You must slow down and take extra caution when driving in foggy conditions.

Sharing the road is a big deal: Keep others in mind

Regardless of the time of day, sharing the road with other drivers is a big deal. Not only does it keep you safe, but it does the same for everyone else as well.

Sharing the road is easier said than done, especially when you find yourself in a large crowd of vehicles. Here are some tips you can employ:

  • Always use turn signals: This doesn't always sound important, but it gives other drivers a clear idea of what you're going to do next.
  • Check blind spots: Unfortunately, you can't rely on your mirrors to tell the entire story. You need to check your blind spots, such as when changing lanes, to ensure that another vehicle isn't next to you.
  • Leave more space: This is a good rule of thumb in everything you do on the road. For example, don't follow the car in front of yours too closely. Also, leave more space when changing lanes in front of another vehicle.
  • Don't lane jump: A common mistake in traffic, moving from one lane to the next too often increases the chance of an accident.

Take advantage of new safety innovations for motorcyclists

Autumn is approaching, a great time for getting out on your motorcycle to enjoy the crisp weather and changing colors. However, remember that you are vulnerable to serious injury if you are ever in an accident. Here are six recent safety innovations for you and your beloved bike:

1. More stability

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