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3 Injured in 5-Car Crash in Ohio

When you worry about a car accident, you probably envision a two-car crash with another driver. That’s frightening enough on its own. Now imagine getting caught up in a five-car crash.

That’s exactly what happened on Sept. 29, 2019, in Ohio. Five different vehicles got involved in accidents on I-71 South, putting three people in the hospital and backing up traffic behind the crash for miles.

Technically, the five-car crash was a pair of multicar accidents, but they happened very near each other on the same stretch of road. The Strongsville’s Fire Chief indicated that the first wreck was right by Exit 233. Two vehicles were involved in that crash, and two of the injured parties had to be rushed to the hospital by emergency crews. Their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening, however.

Close to the first crash, three more cars collided in traffic. The authorities did not give out anyone’s exact condition, but they did take one person to the hospital.

Though the accidents were very close to each other, near an area where road construction is being done and though they are being reported as a five-car accident, the police actually did not think that the first crash caused the second.

This story helps to show some of the hazards you face on the road, from construction zones to multicar accidents. Often, just how safe you are is completely out of your hands. If someone else causes an accident that puts you in the hospital, it is very important for you to understand all the legal rights you have to compensation.