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Crash with 2 trucks leaves 1 dead in Ohio

Multiple vehicles, including two semitrucks, were involved in an interstate accident in Ohio. The devastating crash left one person dead.

It appears that the accident happened when the vehicles were nearing traffic that had stopped on the road. The sheriff's office said that one semi swerved when approaching the backup and collided with another semi. The driver who swerved was 69 years old.

What are the consequences of a DUI?

Drinking and driving is a serious crime that often has tragic consequences for victims and their families. To reduce the number of drunk drivers on the roads, many states have strict laws in place. Ohio is one state that has mandatory and nonmandatory penalties for DUI offenders. As serious of a crime that drinking and driving while under influence is, many people find themselves with DUI charges. Drunk driving charges often have a lingering impact that creates more economic and financial challenges than many people think. 

Anyone dealing with a DUI charge or who could potentially end up with one from drinking and driving should familiarize her or himself with the following information on DUI penalties

Why are traffic fatalities going up?

Reports from recent years have shown that traffic fatalities have, at times, been going up. This is surprising, considering how much safer cars have become. It's also concerning since traffic accidents are already one of the leading causes of death in the United States.

Why is this happening? A lot of different factors play into it. Let's break down a few of them.

What if 4 commercial planes crashed weekly?

Imagine that you go to the airport. On the televisions, you see the news that three commercial airliners have already crashed in the United States that week. The experts on TV note that one or two more should crash before the week ends.

Would you still get on your plane? Probably not. You'd be appalled. You'd be scared. You wouldn't fly again until the authorities stopped the accidents.

State trooper faces charges after deadly accident

A state trooper in Ohio got involved in a car accident that took one life back on Jan. 4. On April 30, the case went before a grand jury to see if he should go to trial, and the grand jury indicted him on two counts. One is for vehicular manslaughter, and the other is for vehicular homicide.

As always with these types of cases, it's important to note that a grand jury does not convict someone of the charges. It just determines if there should be a criminal trial or not. In this case, it means that the trooper will go to trial, though his guilt or innocence has yet to be determined.

You may be drunk the morning after

You wake up in the morning after a night of drinking with friends. You did not want to drive drunk, so you slept on a friend's couch. You roll off, drag yourself out to your car and start heading home.

Then you get pulled over and the officer arrests you for drunk driving after you fail the field sobriety tests. You admit that you were drinking, but it was yesterday. How could you still be drunk?

Maximizing the value of your car accident claim

Car accidents come with expensive consequences. You may need to deal with vehicle repairs, medical bills and lost wages, just to name a few common expenses. Your hope is to receive compensation from the insurance company representing the negligent driver.

However, insurance companies often try their hardest to avoid paying out adequate amounts for these types of claims. You will likely receive lowball offers. Here are some crucial tips to help you get the most out of your motor vehicle collision settlement. 

Girl from Ohio dies in rollover accident in Michigan

A young girl is dead after a terrible rollover accident in Michigan. She was nine years old. She and her family were from Columbus, Ohio.

Reports from the Michigan State Police Department indicate that the accident happened on April 3, right before 11:30 p.m. The girl was in a Honda Pilot along with eight other members of her family. They were driving down U.S. 23 in the southbound lanes.

Stay safe on your motorcycle: 6 key tips

Motorcycles have a reputation for risk and danger, but they don't have to be dangerous. There are distinct things that you can do as a rider to reduce the risks you face. It goes beyond simply putting on a helmet and hoping for the best, however. You need to take an active role in the safety process.

To help, here are six key tips:

  1. Remember that safety courses have value for all riders. Extra training does not hurt, even if you have years of experience. Take a refresher every now and then.
  2. Never allow distractions to play a role in how you ride. Stay off of your cellphone. Don't turn to talk to a passenger.
  3. Wear bright colors whenever you can. Black may be the most popular color for many cyclists, but it's also the most dangerous because you blend into the road and other drivers don't see you.
  4. Understand your limits and your abilities. There's no shame in starting with a small bike on less busy roads if you're new to riding.
  5. Stay far enough back from other vehicles. A lot of accidents happen when cars come to a sudden stop -- the light turns yellow, for instance, and the driver slams the breaks instead of going through -- and motorcycles crash into the back. Give yourself time to react.
  6. Stay attentive. Remember that drivers may not see you. Anticipate the mistakes they're going to make.

60 cars crash on Ohio ice

Ice on the highways can turn your normal daily commute into a horrific accident in no time. It seems like there is at least one massive pileup every winter, and Ohio just saw one that put numerous people in the hospital.

Cars started going out of control on ice, slamming into one another on Route 8 northbound. By the time all was said and done, about 60 vehicles had crashed. Authorities had to close the highway down for hours to clear the wreckage.

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