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Traffic during rush hour

Let These Rush-Hour Driving Tips Keep You Safe

If you live in or around Columbus, Ohio, you understand that there is no way to avoid rush-hour traffic.

Even though you may have many years’ experience navigating rush-hour traffic, there’s always the potential to be part of a motor vehicle accident.

Here are some tips to help lessen the likelihood of being part of a crash:

  • Stay in your lane: If you jump from one lane to the next, always trying to make better time, you’re increasing your risk of an accident. Choose a lane and stay there until it’s time to exit or make a turn.
  • Leave more time: Drivers are more prone to mistakes when they’re in a hurry. If you leave yourself more time to reach your destination, you’ll never find yourself rushing to beat the traffic.
  • Leave more space: Don’t follow the car in front of yours too closely. If you do this and need to stop in a hurry, you’ll find it difficult to do so.
  • Avoid distractions: When traffic is moving slowly, it’s easy to pull out your smartphone, change the radio station or turnaround to see what’s happening in the backseat. These distractions, among others, are dangerous.

These rush-hour driving tips don’t guarantee you’ll never be part of an accident, but they can definitely help.

If another driver causes an accident, move your car to safety and call for help.

Once you receive treatment, review the police report and contact your insurance company. This will help you better understand what went wrong and how to deal with the aftermath of the crash.