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What Factors Influence the Value of Your PI Claim?

Many factors go into personal injury claims, and even if you take two injuries that are nearly identical and have the same cause, you could end up with quite different compensation amounts.

So, here is a look at what could potentially influence your case.

Lost Wages, Both in the Past and Future

One element of a personal injury case is how much income you have lost and stand to lose. Your paystubs, W-2s and/or tax return forms can help make your case.

Quality of Injury Documentation

If you went to the doctor immediately after your injury and your medical documentation is thorough and relevant, that stands to help your case. The documentation needs to include information from your doctor as to why you must miss work, which affects the lost income portion, and if there will be a point when you might return to full or restricted work duties.

Effect of Injury on Your Daily Life

Has the injury made it difficult or impossible for you to venture outside the house? Has it taken a toll on your relationships? Do you have scarring or deformities that make you self-conscious? Injuries can affect your daily life in obvious and nonobvious ways.

Permanency of Injury

Injuries limited to broken bones, depending on your age, may lead to near-complete healing. On the other hand, a traumatic brain injury could stay with you for life. So could disfiguring scars. The longer your injury is supposed to last, the more compensation you could receive.

Pain and Suffering

Physical injuries have many direct effects, and calculating their costs can be relatively easy. Not so much with pain and suffering, which the law considers a noneconomic loss. It can include the pain and suffering you feel from disfigurement, loss of companionship, mental anguish and other things that are impossible to quantify.

Other factors such as the type of injury can play a role in your potential claim amount as well, and many of these factors affect one another.