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Girl Holding Neck After Car Accident

A Motor Vehicle Accident Can Cause a Variety of Injuries

Most people understand the risks of being involved in a car accident. Not only can this cause damage to your vehicle, but it can also lead to a variety of injuries (some of which are more serious than others).

Understanding the many types of car accident injuries can go a long way in keeping you safe. Furthermore, if you find yourself in an accident, you’ll know which body parts to check for injuries first.

Here are some of the most common car accident injuries:

  • Head and brain injuries: For example, a concussion is a real possibility if you hit your head in an accident. Taking this one step further, a traumatic brain injury, such as bleeding on the brain, is also possible.
  • Back and neck injuries: These are very common in all types of car accidents, even those in which the vehicles are moving at a slow rate of speed. If you’re suffering any back or neck pain after a crash, don’t attempt to move. Doing so could worsen the problem.
  • Broken bones: You can break any number of bones in a car accident, all of which can cause immediate pain and discomfort. Treating this type of injury in a prompt manner is critical.

Since a car accident can cause so many types of injury, you’ll want to immediately call 911. From there, follow the advice of your medical team to give yourself the best chance of making a full recovery.

As soon as you can, contact your insurance company, learn more about the cause of the accident and implement a plan for protecting your legal rights.