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Do You Want Your Future to Begin With Yellow License Plates?

In Columbus, home of The Ohio State Buckeyes, the colors to wear are scarlet and gray, not scarlet and yellow. The latter is a special color combination for the license plates of a repeat DUI offender.

Will the judge order you to have “scarlet letter” plates on your car? 

Planning Ahead

Like most people, you probably have big plans for your future. You may be hoping to attend graduate school. You might be working toward applying for a new job with better pay. You made one mistake a few years back and received a conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol. Now you are facing a second conviction. What are the consequences, and how will this affect your future?

Second Offense Penalties

In Ohio, penalties for a second DUI are harsh, especially if you have high BAC test results. In addition to a fine of $525 and possible jail time of 10 days to six months, the judge will suspend your driver’s license for one to five years. To continue driving, you will have to comply with two court orders. First, you must install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. Second, you must replace your license plates with the special yellow and red plates that inform other drivers as well as law enforcement officers that you are a repeat offender.

Looking at Options

There are legal options to explore, beginning with a thorough investigation that can expose any mistakes connected with your traffic stop and arrest. The goal is the best possible outcome for your case—after all, your future is at stake. The DUI mark on your record will affect your plans and the way people relate to you, especially if you have those scarlet and yellow license plates on your car.