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Driving in the Fall

Fall Driving Safety: Change Your Driving Style

As the fall season arrives in Columbus, Ohio, you can expect many things to change. For this reason, you need to alter your driving style to improve your safety.

Here are five fall driving safety tips that can help you avoid an accident:

  • Watch for wet leaves: If you come across these on the road, do your best to slow down in advance of driving over them. Wet leaves can be extremely slippery, thus causing you to lose control of your vehicle.
  • Watch for deer: The fall months are when deer activity really picks up. It doesn’t matter where you’re driving, keep your eye out for these animals.
  • Protect against sun glare: The temperature may be cooling off but that doesn’t mean sun glare is any less of a problem.
  • Be prepared for morning frost: Some areas of the road may freeze during the early morning hours, such as bridges and overpasses. Take special caution when driving anywhere where ice may be present.
  • Slow down in foggy conditions: Fog is a common concern in the fall, especially during the evening and early morning hours. You must slow down and take extra caution when driving in foggy conditions.

With these fall driving safety tips guiding you, it’s much easier to feel good about your ability to avoid trouble on the road.

If you’re part of a motor vehicle accident, such as one in which your vehicle is struck by another, move to safety and call for help. You should receive immediate medical treatment, contact your insurance company and learn more about your legal rights.