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Driving Distractions Beyond Cellphones

The smartphone is the biggest driving distraction facing Americans today. Accidents happen all the time when drivers decide to text, talk, read, watch and listen. Any time they engage with the phone, they take their full attention off of the road, and that’s a risk to every person near them.

However, it’s dangerous to assume that cellphones are the only risks, the only distractions. They’re not. Turning off the phone is not enough to guarantee a distracted driving accident will not happen. Other issues include drivers who:

  • Do their grooming on the way to work.
  • Drink a cup of coffee or any other beverage.
  • Turn around to talk to their children or other passengers.
  • Look at a map and read it while driving.
  • Put a new address into the GPS.
  • Try to pick up items that fall on the floor.
  • Spend time adjusting their mirrors and other systems.
  • Refuse to pull over when something demands their attention.

A lot of the issue is just that people are in a hurry. They have a strict schedule. They feel like they can’t pull over to discipline the kids or eat a snack or look up the address for their destination. And so they try to do all of that — and more — while they drive. Inevitably, this means they stop watching the road and paying full attention to traffic, and they cause accidents and make serious driving mistakes because of it.

If one of these drivers hits your vehicle and you suffer significant injuries, make sure you are well aware of your legal options.