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Numerous Repeat DUI Offenders Arrested in Ohio

The ramifications of a DUI or an OVI get worse every time you get arrested. The idea behind this is to discourage people from becoming repeat offenders.

However, recent news stories show that this does not always work. A handful of repeat offenders were just arrested in Ohio.

For instance, one man was picked up for operating a vehicle while under the influence. He had to go to court in Trumbull County. Reports showed that this was the fourth time he had been charged with an OVI — though he had not yet been convicted at the time of the reports.

Another story centered around a man who lived in McDonald. He is 58 years old. He got arrested and was also facing OVI charges. If convicted, this would be the ninth time.

Part of the problem, it has been noted, is that many people are addicted to alcohol. That does not change just because of jail time and fines. If they cannot break the addiction, they’ll probably end up driving under the influence again.

“If you send an addict to prison, most likely you get an addict out of prison,” one expert said. “That has been my past experience…There’s nothing full proof. They also need professional help.”

Have you been arrested on DUI charges? It is very important to understand the role that addiction can play. It could be that an arrest and a conviction will not really make a difference in your case, and other types of treatment make far more sense. Make sure you know what legal defense options you have.