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Do You Understand Why It’s So Important to Follow Traffic Rules?

There is no reason why anyone should be using a smartphone while driving. There’s no reason why anyone should drive after drinking alcohol. There’s no reason why anyone should speed. Yes, people say that they’re in a hurry — and maybe they are. But when you consider the terrible loss of life that happens throughout the world — on a daily basis — because of negligent and unlawful driving habits, there is no reason and no excuse good enough to put someone in danger by breaking the law.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, 1.35 million people die annually worldwide — not from disease — but from vehicle-related accidents. Most of those car crashes can be attributed to things like speeding, drunkenness, intoxication and other forms of negligent and unlawful behavior on the road. According to the WHO, it has set the goal to reduce traffic deaths by half before we reach 2020.

Everyone needs to do their part and stop the tiny little infractions they commit on a daily basis. Spot pushing the speed limit. Stop texting behind the wheel. Don’t fiddle with the entertainment system in your car. Be patient and don’t tailgate. Be defensive from the moment you put your hands on the steering wheel to the moment you get out of the car. If everyone did this, we’d save a lot of lives.

As a final note, if you get hurt — or if your close family member gets killed — because of one of these irresponsible and negligent drivers, don’t delay in holding them fully responsible in court for the financial damages and pain and suffering they’ve caused. This will send a firm message to the public that dangerous, unconscionable driving habits will not be tolerated.