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Alleged Drunk Driver Hits Police Car

Police recently arrested a man in Ohio on suspicion that he was driving while under the influence. The arrest happened after he crashed into a police car, and the whole incident was caught on camera.

The footage comes from the squad car itself. The officer is driving down the road at night, with his headlights on. Ahead of him, another set of headlights moves into his lane, coming straight at him. The officer slows down and then stops when he sees the other car in his lane.

That car does not stop or attempt to move out of the way. Finally, the officer turns on his red and blue flashers in an effort to stop the vehicle. It continues on a low rate of speed and hits the front of the police cruiser. Only then does the driver stop.

That driver is clearly visible through the front window. He appears to take his hands off of the wheel and raise them at his sides. He then leans his head out of the open window to talk to the police.

After the crash, the police took the man into custody. They also released the footage and added a note on social media advising people not to get behind the wheel if they had been drinking. It is worth noting that neither the police officer nor the other driver suffered injuries in the accident.

A DUI arrest can have serious ramifications, including fines, jail time, a lost license and much more. If you find yourself facing charges, make sure you are well aware of the legal defense options you have.