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60 Cars Crash on Ohio Ice

Ice on the highways can turn your normal daily commute into a horrific accident in no time. It seems like there is at least one massive pileup every winter, and Ohio just saw one that put numerous people in the hospital.

Cars started going out of control on ice, slamming into one another on Route 8 northbound. By the time all was said and done, about 60 vehicles had crashed. Authorities had to close the highway down for hours to clear the wreckage.

It wasn’t all property damage, either. Reports claim that a dozen people had to be rushed to the hospital. Because the crash was so bad in the northbound lanes, the emergency vehicles had to use the southbound lanes to get close. Crews then had to pick people up and carry them over the guardrail to take them to the waiting ambulances. On snow and ice, that was no easy feat.

Those who saw the scene claimed that it was chaotic. Some cars had rolled over and lay on their sides. Drivers and passengers were getting out of their cars and trying to seek safety, with some of them abandoning those cars in the pileup. The police took them from the scene and asked people to contact them to sort it all out later on.

Not all accidents are this bad, but the loss of control on the ice is something every driver has to take seriously. Things spiral out of control in a hurry. Those who get injured in these massive wrecks may be able to seek financial compensation for their injuries.