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State Trooper Faces Charges After Deadly Accident

A state trooper in Ohio got involved in a car accident that took one life back on Jan. 4. On April 30, the case went before a grand jury to see if he should go to trial, and the grand jury indicted him on two counts. One is for vehicular manslaughter, and the other is for vehicular homicide.

As always with these types of cases, it’s important to note that a grand jury does not convict someone of the charges. It just determines if there should be a criminal trial or not. In this case, it means that the trooper will go to trial, though his guilt or innocence has yet to be determined.

Both of the charges are misdemeanors in Ohio.

The trooper is 27 years old. He was driving down Ohio 132, in Clermont County, close to the intersection where Ohio 132 meets up with Diana Avenue. The trooper was heading south at the time, while another driver was going north in a Ford pickup truck. It appears that the police officer went over the centerline for reasons that were not reported by local news sources. When he did so, he hit the pickup. He suffered injuries, and the driver of the pickup, a 36-year-old man, passed away.

For those wondering if weather may have played a role, it was noted that the vehicles were driving in a light rain on wet pavement. It was around 40 degrees outside, which suggests that it was too warm for the rain to freeze.

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