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Rollerblading, Skateboarding and Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents often involve vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians. However, there are other times when a crash involves someone who is riding a moped, rollerblading or skateboarding. These accidents can be even more devastating for different reasons, whether an inexperienced skateboarder has difficulty controlling their board or someone is seriously injured while rollerblading because they have nothing to protect them from a much larger vehicle. Moreover, people riding skateboards and rollerblading may have more difficulty avoid a vehicle that is heading toward them (in comparison to other drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians).

Often, these types of accidents involve children, which can be especially difficult. A child’s life may be derailed by the consequences of an accident, such as an injury that leaves them unable to play sports or even attend school for a lengthy period of time. These accidents have also shattered the lives of many adults, preventing them from working and generating costly medical bills. Sometimes, these accidents are so serious that a victim’s life never returns to normal, whether they lose the ability to walk, sustain serious brain damage or suffer some other major setback. Our firm knows that these situations are particularly devastating for victims and their whole families.

When rollerblading or riding a skateboard, avoiding traffic and staying safe is paramount. Regrettably, these accidents often happen because of careless drivers. You may have to work through a number of different challenges, from physical pain and complications related to an injury you sustained in the accident to financial turmoil and mental trauma. It is important to understand your legal options.