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Shining Some Light on the Insurance Company’s Shady Tactics

A car crash can have all kinds of repercussions, not the least of which is struggling to keep the lights on as the bills roll in. Even though you may be counting on an insurance payout, their strategy to avoid paying could be to keep you in the dark.

Insurance companies are facing more accidents, bigger claims and higher costs. This may have them looking to lessen payouts when they can, which means they may hide behind a few tactics to tip the scales in their favor. Being aware of what the company doesn’t want you to know can be a big step toward getting the compensation you deserve.

Illuminating facts

Educating yourself on the process keep you prepared for the proceedings:

  • Playing friendly: It doesn’t matter that you’ve been loyal to your insurance company for years. They’re usually only worried about their bottom line, which means they typically want to offer the least amount possible for claims. Attempts at consoling and understanding from them can just be ways to get you to slip up.
  • Avoiding payouts: Insurance companies often have ways to dig for reasons they can reduce or dismiss your claim. Leading questions, coercion and repeat interviews may take place to cause you to submit conflicting or damaging answers. They may also try stalling to get you to accept less when you’re in need or push your claim outside the statute of limitations.
  • Skipping lawyers: You don’t need to wait until you want to take an insurer to court to hire a lawyer. It may be in your interest to start the process there, as many lawyers are versed in analyzing accidents, building a case and negotiating with the policy provider.
  • Denying claims: Just because your submission is rejected, doesn’t mean the process is over. You may still have the option to fix problems with your application or take them to court over their decision.

You’re hurting, and you’ve got a mound of bills to pay. Your insurance company could be on the hook for helping you manage those things. Make sure they’re going to pay what you deserve by having a solid understanding of the system.