Rural roads may have less traffic than the urban ones that many drivers in Ohio navigate each day, but they can actually be more dangerous in some cases. This is especially true when the drivers are unfamiliar with rural roads and have a false sense of security.

Most roads in the countryside are two lanes and have narrow lanes and shoulders. Combine these with the tendency of some drivers to drift from their lane when they see no other drivers around, and one can see why head-on collisions are so common in rural areas. Those who try to stay far away from the other lane may run off the road entirely. Another problem with rural roads is their lack of lighting.

Third, drivers may encounter animals from nearby homes or wildlife on the road, which can be dangerous when they are being inattentive. Unfortunately, many drivers allow themselves to become inattentive and even reckless. Thinking that their chances of being pulled over are slim, drivers may speed, drink and drive and neglect their seatbelt.

Yet if these drivers crash in a rural area, they may not get the immediate medical attention they need. For these and other reasons, motorists must be more alert in the countryside and never assume that others will act safe. This is known as defensive driving.

The majority of auto accidents arise because of negligence, and those who incurred injuries may be compensated if, according to Ohio’s comparative negligence law, their degree of fault does not exceed 50%. To learn how their case would fare, victims may want to schedule a meeting with a lawyer. The lawyer may take on the case, have investigators gather evidence of the defendant’s responsibillity and negotiate on victims’ behalf for a settlement.