Drivers who are fatigued while traveling on Ohio roads are statistically more likely to get into accidents. This is according to a study conducted by the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health at Utah University. Truck drivers who experience fatigue may have slower reaction times and an impaired ability to assess road conditions in a timely manner. There are several steps that they can take to minimize or prevent the negative consequences of operating a commercial vehicle while drowsy.

First, commercial vehicle operators are encouraged to take a look at their sleep schedules. Ideally, individuals will attempt to sleep for six to eight hours at some point each day. However, a study from NASA found that sleeping for even 40 minutes can increase alertness by 100% and driver performance by 34%. Drivers are also encouraged to think about the types of food and beverages that they consume while on the road.

It may be best to eat bagels instead of candy bars or to have tuna sandwiches instead of burgers from a fast-food restaurant. It may also be in a driver’s best interest to drink water as opposed to soda, coffee or alcohol. Drinking water may allow a person to remain hydrated without experiencing a sugar crash that typically leads to extreme drowsiness.

Generally speaking, driving while fatigued is considered a negligent act. Therefore, those who are hurt in truck accidents caused by fatigued drivers will likely be entitled to compensation. A financial award may help a person recover lost wages or lost future earnings, and it may also help to pay medical bills or the cost of replacing property lost in the accident. An attorney may help an injured victim obtain a financial award through a settlement or by going to trial.