Drivers maintain a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely and carefully. Accidents, however, do occur. In Ohio, trucking accidents bring with them the chances of severe injuries and fatalities. Granted, a tremendous number of trucks travel on the highways and road delivering cargo without incident. At times, though, catastrophes occur.

Why do some truck accidents happen? The reasons vary, but specific causes might receive a consistent share of blame.

Drivers who trek long hours for days and days might find themselves excessively tired. Falling asleep behind the wheel almost guarantees an accident. Taking medication that makes the driver drowsy could also contribute to risk. Drinking or using illegal drugs while driving creates dangers. To avoid feeling drowsy, some drivers might take amphetamines. Impaired driving may follow. Imbibing in alcohol or marijuana before driving reflects highly dangerous behavior.

None should dismiss the potential hazards of committing moving violations. Speeding to make a delivery on time represents risky behavior, as emergency braking is not easy at high speeds. Changing lanes without using a turn signal might be a common action by scores of drivers, but it is still dangerous. Tailgating other vehicles to force them out of a lane can lead to a massive accident.

And then there is the weather. When storm clouds or fog rolls in, truck drivers must adjust to the conditions. The same is true of icy roads. Ignoring weather woes could lead to a crash.

Routine maintenance and repairs add a level of safety to vehicle performance. Mechanical and equipment failures could cause avoidable otherwise accidents.

Truck accidents may set the stage for a personal injury lawsuit. Anyone harmed by a truck driver’s negligence could speak to an attorney about possible litigation. An attorney may seek damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, and more. The attorney could deal with insurance companies on a client’s behalf, too.