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More Coffee May Mean More Crashes for Truckers

Researchers at the Virginia Tech Transport Institute have found that high coffee consumption over the long term may be causing truck drivers to get into more accidents. The study involved some 3,000 drivers from eight states, including Ohio, and the data on them included medical reports and their answers to a confidential questionnaire.

The 3,000 drivers were chosen from a pool of 11,000 because they fit one of two categories: those who drink only one cup of coffee a day, and those who drink more than five cups. Of the first group, 21.6% admitted to being in an accident once in the previous three years. Of the second group, 27.8% admitted to the same thing.

Moreover, the high coffee drinkers reported poor sleep, diet and overall health. They also tended to smoke and drink more alcohol. However, this association between high coffee consumption, poor health and increased crash risk is not necessarily proven.

Further research would be needed to look more closely at drivers’ preferences for certain types of caffeinated beverages (since coffee is not the only one the two groups consumed) and at their consumption levels on days of work and rest. Still, the results of this study are revealing when one considers how prior studies more or less focused on the effect of caffeine through laboratory testing.

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