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Study: Seniors Can Improve Traffic Safety by Watching Videos

While most people who are shopping for cars these days are doing their browsing online, but everyone hopes that one day soon shoppers will again be strolling around showrooms. If you’re one of those who will take that stroll around a Columbus dealership, you’ll be met by salespeople eager to show off shiny vehicles equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) such as adaptive cruise control, lane-maintain assist, back-up cameras and blind-spot monitoring.

ADAS are designed to make driving not only easier but safer as well, so that the odds of being involved in a violent motor vehicle crash are reduced.

Unfortunately, one of the demographic groups that could benefit most from ADAS is also the least likely to make use of them. Senior drivers are at higher risk of causing wrecks, but because they are often uncomfortable with ADAS technology, they’re reluctant to engage the systems.

Watch and Learn

However, a new study shows that older drivers are more likely to use ADAS when they can familiarize themselves with the tech by watching interactive videos rather than reading through manuals or watching a live demonstration. Because the videos can be paused, rewound and reviewed as often as desired, seniors are more comfortable with a learning process they control, researchers say.

In turn, that makes them more likely to use the safety-enhancing ADAS.

According to a news article, the study was recently published in the journal “Applied Ergonomics.”

Higher Crash Rate

“Older adults have a higher rate of vehicle crashes because of degradations in physical, mental and motor capabilities,” said a researcher. “With ADAS, some of the mental workload related to driving can be taken off.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says approximately 18 percent of all motor vehicle accidents are caused by drivers who are 65 years and older. Because the nation’s population is expected to continue to skew older, it’s going to be increasingly important to find ways to get drivers to make use of ADAS.

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