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Pedestrian Deaths Spike 60% From 2009 to 2019

You were injured as a pedestrian in Columbus, Ohio, and now you’re wondering how you can be reimbursed for your medical bills and other losses. The good thing is that you may file a personal injury claim to seek compensation. Other pedestrian accidents lead not to injury claims but to wrongful death lawsuits.

Pedestrians Deaths on the Rise Since 2009

Pedestrian fatalities were declining from 1988 up to 2009, after which they have been escalating with each passing year. The latest year for which at least partial data is available, 2019, appears to be no exception. The Governors Highway Safety Administration made a preliminary analysis of traffic deaths in 2019 using data from the first half of that year, and it estimates that 6,590 pedestrians died.

If this number is accurate, then it represents a 5% increase from 2018. Compared to the 4,109 who died in 2009, though, it marks a startling 60% jump. The number is also the highest since 1988.

Highest Fatality Numbers and Rates by State

Nearly half (47%) of the pedestrian fatalities in 2019 centered around California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia and Florida. Nearly one third of the U.S. population is found in these five states. As for the states with the highest rate of pedestrian fatalities per 100,000 people, they were Florida, New Mexico and Hawaii. The states with the lowest were Vermont, Wisconsin and Idaho.

Various Reasons Given for the Increase

In its report, the GHSA notes that the warmer weather and greater number of distractions that drivers can fall prey to, especially on their phones, may be contributing to the increase in pedestrian deaths. Another factor is the popularity of SUVs and light trucks: vehicles that are more dangerous to pedestrians than other cars are.

Lawyer for All Motor Vehicle Accidents

Before filing your claim, you may want to seek out a lawyer who works regularly with the victims of pedestrian crashes and gives each case personal attention. The lawyer may strive for a settlement out of court, and if one cannot be achieved, he or she may proceed to litigation.

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