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3 Tips to Manage Driver Anxiety

Have you ever found yourself waiting at an unprotected left turn just a little too long, not sure whether it’s safe to go? That hesitation, while well-intentioned, could lead to more crashes and even driver road rage. So, if you ever find yourself not sure whether it’s safe to change lanes or run a yellow light, here are 3 tips to help you manage driver anxiety.

Stay Where You Are

Some drivers feel uneasy when several cars quickly pass them without giving them a chance to get over. If this happens to you, remain calm. Changing lanes while surrounded by aggressive drivers increases the likelihood of a crash. Instead, stay where you are until the faster vehicles pass, and then change lanes once you feel you have enough room. Alternatively, if you know you’re a slower driver, you could stay in the travel lane unless it’s absolutely necessary to move over.

Judging Gaps

Deciding whether you have enough time to turn can be extremely stressful, especially for anxious drivers. A good way to learn to judge the gap is by watching a driver you trust or observing how other drivers react at an intersection. The more often you watch someone successfully judge a traffic gap, the less likely you are to hesitate during your turn.

Ask for Help

If you get nervous at the wheel, there’s nothing wrong with asking a trusted passenger to travel with you and help you navigate, sort of like a refresher course. A passenger you trust, or a driving instructor, can help you identify anxiety-inducing traffic situations and help you build the confidence to navigate them.

Most importantly, remember that the more often you put yourself in these situations with the assurance that you’re traveling safely, the more likely you are to exercise good judgment in the future.

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