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Do You Have to Pay If a Stanger Calls You an Ambulance?

Many Americans are afraid of an ambulance ride, not because they have a phobia of hospitals, but because they’re afraid of getting stuck with an unexpected bill for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Similarly, there’s a lot of anxiety around car crashes. Even when someone is severely injured, they may resist an ambulance ride.

But what happens if a stranger calls an ambulance or if you’re incapacitated and cannot consent to medical care? Are you still expected to pay the bill?

Wellness Check or Emergency?

If you’re involved in a minor or moderate crash, and a third party calls for help, you are not obligated to ride the ambulance to the hospital. Even if EMTs treat you at the scene (bandaging your injuries or otherwise stabilizing you), you are not required to ride with them. Often, you are only required to pay if you ride the ambulance to the hospital.

While you should see a doctor immediately after the crash, it’s your choice as to whether you want to ride to the hospital or see your primary physician.

No Consent

If you cannot give consent due to being incapacitated or if EMTs believe you have broken bones or are at risk of bleeding out, they may place you into an ambulance and take you to the hospital regardless. While this will ensure you get immediate medical treatment, the patient is almost always expected to pay the ambulance fee, even if they did not call 911 or consent to the care.

The good news is that your attorney can help. If you were seriously hurt in an accident, your attorney can help you file a claim to hold the negligent party accountable and help you secure the damages you need to cover your medical bills and make a successful recovery. Additionally, your attorney may be able to negotiate your medical bills, which can either significantly reduce the ambulance fees or (in some cases) eliminate them altogether.

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