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Even when you are being extremely cautious and careful, you can still be seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence. Whether you were involved in a car accidentslipped and fell in a store, or were seriously harmed by a defective product, being in the wrong place at the wrong time can mean countless trips to the doctor, pain that never seems to stop, and uncertainty about what happens next.

The law firm of Ross, Midian & Breitmayer, LLC in Columbus, Ohio is here to help you when your life has been turned upside down after an accident. As experienced trial attorneys, we are ready to fight for you against those responsible for your injuries. We are focused on obtaining a maximum recovery on your behalf, an approach that has helped us secure millions of dollars for our clients. We know that every case is different, which is why we offer personalized services and compassionate representation tailored to your unique concerns, goals, and needs.

What Are Catastrophic Injuries?

Any injury can change a person’s life. But some injuries are so severe, they have permanent, long-lasting effects on victims and their families and loved ones. These injuries generally prevent victims from returning to work, taking care of themselves, and living their once-normal lives. When injuries are this severe, they are called “catastrophic injuries.”

At Ross, Midian & Breitmayer, LLC, we have helped many people across Ohio who have seen their lives change after a serious accident. We take pride in the millions of dollars we have recovered for past clients in accident cases, and we will aggressively seek reasonable compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

Examples of relatively common catastrophic injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), such as concussions and other head injuries
  • Shoulder, neck, and back injuries, including broken shoulder blades and slipped discs
  • Spinal cord injuries, including those resulting in quadriplegia and paraplegia
  • Severe burns, disfigurement, and scarring
  • Amputations, whether accidental or the result of medical necessity
  • Soft tissue injuries

We’ve Recovered Millions for Injured Clients

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Motor Vehicle Accident
Motor Vehicle Accident

When Is a Motorist at Fault for a Bicycle Accident?

Catastrophic injury cases are not the same as other types of personal injury claims. The more serious your injuries, the more likely it is for you to incur significant medical expenses while receiving treatment. In some circumstances, you may even need long-term medical care for the rest of your life as a result of the injuries suffered in your accident. The cost of treating a catastrophic injury is exorbitant, often reaching and exceeding hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars over the course of the victim’s lifetime.

Making matters even more complicated, the insurance companies want to settle your claim as quickly as possible, for as little as possible, while limiting their financial exposure to you. The offers they make may be pennies on the dollar for what you would receive with an experienced attorney on your side. Never make any decisions about your case before you have a clear understanding of the compensation that is potentially available to you.

It takes an attorney with experience—the right experience—to effectively navigate these complex claims and reach a settlement or verdict that encompasses all of your current and future expenses. Choosing the right attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case—and your future.

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Do not let the liable insurance company trick you into accepting an unfair offer. Instead, reach out to an experienced and knowledgeable Columbus catastrophic injury lawyer at Ross, Midian & Breitmayer, LLC. We can go over all of your options and determine the best course of action moving forward. Our firm serves clients throughout all of Ohio, and we are able to travel to meet you in the hospital, at your home, or at your place of work, if needed. We provide all of our services on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not owe us a dime unless we successfully secure compensation for you.
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